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If I have to work this weekend (and I do), at least I get to write about bacon-wrapped food and the Gone Girl movie. 

Blake Mills with surprise guest Fiona Apple
El Rey Theatre 9.18.14

Fiona looks great. :)

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Happy Friday here’s a Trent boner kbye.

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stayathomedadwanttobe asked: Yes! I like your steph shirt! that only came out a few weeks ago so now we are best friends! <3

Thanks! I know, I preordered it since it was so cute. There hasn’t been a proper Stephanie shirt since like 2000 and the ladies’ shirts with the V-cut have been quite nice. Yay, best friends! <3

camebackhaunteddd asked: Whoa, I like your new theme as well! :3

Thank you! :D

I changed my theme.

Shit’s bitchin’.